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Will you receive a Christmas package again this year?

In and around Eindhoven there are 1200 people who are living below the poverty line. These families can’t afford themselves to buy something extra or luxury during the holidays. Are you receiving a Christmas package this year, filled with products you might not use or even throw out? Or are you having a lot of usable, good toys laying around your house? By donating a Christmas package or toys you can make people in and around Eindhoven really happy and give them a warm and nice Christmas as well.

How can you help?

Donate your Christmas package in Eindhoven by handing it in at the Microlab (check dates below) at Strijp-S or at the drop off points below.

If you don't have a Christmas package to give away but still want to contribute, you can donate certain amount of money and we will use it to fill in the Christmas packages for those who need it.

This year we are also collecting toys for these families living below poverty line, to make their Christmas even better. Do you have toys laying around and are you able to miss some of these toys? Bring the toys and/or the Christmas packages to the Microlab on Strijp-S or at the drop off points!

With your gift, we make families happy

You can hand in your Christmas package in Eindhoven at the Microlab, Strijp-S (check dates below) or at the drop off points. You’ll be given a Christmas card on which you can write a personal message to the family who will receive it, along with their Christmas package. This way we can make your gift even more special and personal.
After donating your Christmas package, the Foodbank in Eindhoven will collect all the boxes and distribute them to families who are depending on the Foodbank. With your Christmas package, you will make a family very happy!

Where can I donate my Christmas package?

You can donate your Christmas package in Eindhoven on Strijp-S, at the Microlab or at the drop-off points. At MicroLab you will be welcomed by one of our volunteers who will take your Christmas package. You’ll receive a Christmas card on which you can leave a message for the person who’s going to receive the Christmas package. This way we make Christmas even more special and personal.

Dates and locations:


  • 17th, 18th of December 13:00-20:00
  • 21st, 22nd, 23rd 15:00-21:00

Drop-off points (until 23rd of December):

  • EurobazarXL (Kloosterdreef 47, 5612 CT Eindhoven)
  • Cartridge Partners Eindhoven (Aalsterweg 138, 5615 CJ Eindhoven)
  • Voor & Deel (Strijpsestraat 9, 5616 GK Eindhoven)
  • DHL Service Point (Tongeresestraat 316, 5642 NE Eindhoven)

Note: make sure to check drop-off points working hours



Based on research, it appears that 80% of employees aren’t that excited about receiving a Christmas package filled with food. The good intentions of the boss go to waste, just as the food that is within the packages. A lot of these items within these Christmas packages end up somewhere in our storage, to be thrown away later when they’re expired. Which is a waste, because in the end this turns out to be a lot of waste that could have been avoided.


Red je Kerstpakket is an initiative of Mike Weerts, actor/director but especially a proud citizen of Eindhoven. Red je Kerstpakket pursues 2 goals: the second goal is to prevent waste but the first and much more important goal is to surprise families below the poverty line in Eindhoven and the surrounding area with a little something extra during the Christmas season. Exactly the purpose that the Christmas package had initially. Red je Kerstpakket saves Christmas packages from oblivion and waste by passing them on to families who appreciate the extra and can really use it.


Participation in this initiative of Redjekerstpakket is very simple. Within the dates and locations mentioned earlier you are able to donate your Christmas package filled with food. You can donate your Christmas box in Eindhoven at the MicroLab, Strijp-S or at one of our drop-off points in Eindhoven. Figures show that the primary group that we want to offer a Christmas package through this initiative consists out of 600 households. The target number of Christmas packages is therefore 600. However, we’re also happy to support the surrounding towns of Eindhoven and their households. The total goal of Christmas packages is 1200. We can’t reach our target number without you!


For the distribution of all these Christmas packages, we are collaboration with the Food Bank in Eindhoven. The Food bank will make sure all gathered Christmas packages will be distributed to families in need. Practically this means that the Food Bank will make sure families beneath the poverty line will be able to pick up the Christmas packages at the Food bank.

Contact us

Do you want to help us out, as an individual or as a company? Or do you have a question regarding this initiative? Please contact us on